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Set the common variables.

The software will try to find the variables such as your company logo, phone, email, address, etc. from the page but may not get them every time. Specifying the common variables as default will ensure that all pages have a common look. Can change any for specific pages later.

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Your location on Google map will be displayed in a popup window. Text given in this field, which can include pictures, will be displayed along with a Google Map icon to show the map.

see example...

This is for a slide show of your products. Animated displays help to retain the customer's attention and can result in more inquiries or interaction.

Give full URLs of images separated with semi-colon. There is no limit to the number of images in the slideshow. After the first slide the rest will be loaded in the background, thereby eliminating the delay in seeing images.

Though it is best to have the same dimensions for all slides (H:130px; W:350 to 700px) it is not critical. Smaller images may not fill the slide window and larger ones will be cropped.

Currently there is no facility to link to a URL from the slides, but we are working on it.

When creating a New page, the software takes salient text from your page and displays as separate paragraphs. These paragraphs can have a background image to make them more attractive.

Using a light background is recommended. You can change the individual text, its background and fonts later.

see example...