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Mobile Optimize Your Website

Convert your web pages for mobile devices. Same URL for desktop and mobile pages. Nearly automatic conversion. Remote hosting or your own server options.

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Quick and precise Technical Support.
Technical Support

How does it work The Pricing Structure

There are four levels of accounts based on your requirements and budget.

A registered user can create and use 10 pages free of charge, with no time limit. There will be some inconspicuous advertisements from us on the pages. We may disable, at our discretion, any page found to attract high traffic. Illegal, pornographic or otherwise prohibited pages will result in a ban of the account and the user's details may be passed on to law enforcement authorities.

Anonymous users can test the system by creating the pages but will not be able to publish. Such pages will be purged daily from our servers.

2. STANDARD - from $4.95/page p.m.
The pages are served from our server. The cost per page starts at $9.95 and decreases with the total number of pages.

3. PREMIUM - from $49.95/page
Premium customers can purchase the pages outright. Cost per page decreases with the total number. Pages reside on your own server.

4. ULTRA - from $495/month
Ultra customers can convert any number of pages, download, edit or re-make any number of times. Price is based on monthly limits. Special pricing for web designers is available.

There is no minimum contract period!

You can cancel the account anytime. The hosted pages will continue to work until the end of the current payment period and then archived. Can re-start the account within one year but, after that the pages will be permanently deleted. Obviously, premium and Ultra customers can continue to use the pages on their servers indefinitely. 

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