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Convert your pages for mobile devices- Details

Mobile Optimize Your Website

Convert your web pages for mobile devices. Same URL for desktop and mobile pages. Nearly automatic conversion. Remote hosting or your own server options.

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Quick and precise Technical Support.
Technical Support

How does it work The Process

We have taken the hassle out of converting your pages mobile-friendly. In most cases a single click is all it takes to convert a page. Of course, it is never that simple, and you will have to apply some minor editing. An average of 15 min per page is to be expected.

You can do the editing online!

If you are a premium customer the converted page can be downloaded and edited with your favorite HTML editor. Trial users and those who opt to host the pages on our server will have to edit online. We provide easy to use WYSIWYG editors.

The Expense

Converting your entire website could be expensive, but nowhere near as much as it cost originally to build. There is often no need to change each and every page. A few main pages - such as the front page, support, contact, order, etc. - are probably enough. The decision is yours!

The cost is based on the number of pages

If hosting the pages on our server there will be a monthly charge per page. You can make changes as often as necessary.

Premium customers can download the pages and reside on own server. 

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