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Convert your pages for mobile devices- Details

Mobile Optimize Your Website

Convert your web pages for mobile devices. Same URL for desktop and mobile pages. Nearly automatic conversion. Remote hosting or your own server options.

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How does it work
The Mobile Menu

When converting a desktop page to mobile, the first thing to do is change the top navigation links to a mobile friendly version, often denoted by the Mobile menu icon. On a desktop you may have a large number of items in a cascading menu, but the mobile menu must be much simpler than that.

Creating the mobile menu is not as straight-forward as a desktop menu. Complex CSS and JavaScript coding is involved.

We create it for you automatically!

You can then edit the menu if required.


We all know that the first page is what makes a visitor stay or leave! This is especially so on a mobile device. A major problem is that you do not have a lot of space to convey your message and entice the visitor to stay.

Our software will make the front page rock!

An aesthetic, yet informative, front page is created automatically by taking the salient text and images from your desktop page. Since every web page is different in style and content, this step cannot be precise. Our software will therefore give you control to manually edit the page further. This editing is enabled via the web itself or you can use your favorite web editor.

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